Harmful Effects Of Junk Food Essay | 1000+ words

Today in this blog we are going to provide you harmful effects of junk food essay. This essay will clear all your doubts regarding the consumption of junk food.

harmful effects of junk food essay
harmful effects of junk food essay

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Harmful effects of junk food essay 1000+ words

In today’s world, every people are getting crazy about junk food. Nowadays people don’t give much more importance to nutritious food. So by looking entire world condition we share you harmful effects of junk food essay.

Everyone is well aware of the harm caused by junk food, but in spite of this, the consumption of this thing is not coming down.

Several studies have shown that fast food and processed foods have led to an increase in childhood obesity, heart disease and diabetes, and other diseases.

Fast food is a part of the modern lifestyle. From children to youth and elders, there is a lot of love for fast food. Party or travel does not work without them. You are aware that fast food increases obesity, but do you know that fast food also affects your brain? This causes your body to slowly become home to diseases.

Excess calories present in fast-food cause weight gain. It can be the cause of obesity. This increases the risk of many types of respiratory problems, including asthma and shortness of breath.

Excess weight can put pressure on your heart. This can make you feel uncomfortable walking, climbing stairs, or exercising. Especially for children, the risk of respiratory problems increases.

The harmful effect of junk food


If you eat fast food every time you feel hungry then it can also cause your stress. People who eat fast food in greater quantity tend to have the same level of stress.


Eating fast food fills your stomach, but due to lack of these nutrients, your body is not getting enough protein, vitamins etc. which is necessary to keep you healthy. This causes you to have problems with fatigue.


Fast food is high in calories and sugar. This causes you to gain weight. Fast food is deficient in nutrients, causing harm to the body instead of benefiting it.

Heart diseases

Fast foods increase the level of cholesterol in your body. Due to which the risk of heart disease increases. It also increases your weight. The more you gain weight, the greater the risk of a heart attack.


Too much salt is found in fast food. Increased levels of fat and salt increase blood pressure, which adversely affects the kidney. The amount of salt in fries and chips is very high.


According to a study published in the European Journal, eating fast food rich in sugar and fat increases the risk of colon cancer related to colon cancer. According to another research, it also increases the risk of Protest cancer.


Fast food can also cause type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes occurs due to such eating, deteriorated lifestyle like obesity, not being physically active. Fast food-growing obesity later leads to type 2 diabetes.

The synthetic material used in junk food

Many companies use artificial ingredients in their products to add flavor to junk food. At the same time, by consuming these artificial materials, you are at risk of many side effects.

So whenever you buy any junk food, see how many artificial ingredients have been used to make that food. If more artificial materials have been used to make that food, do not consume it. At the same time, you must be wondering what is artificial material?

In fact, artificial color and artificial sweeteners are given in many types of things to give them a taste and good appearance. This is harmful to health.

Step by step explanation of effects

  • Junk food causes headaches 
  • Fast food can cause depression 
  • Intake of junk food is the cause of acne 
  • Junk food is the cause of tooth decay 
  • Fast food can cause heart disease 
  • Fast food causes high blood pressure 
  • Fast food is the cause of high cholesterol
  • Junk food can cause diabetes 
  • Eating junk food can increase stress during exams

Why it is important to keep away from processed food

High sodium

 It is possible that pasta sauces, soups, microwave foods are included in your diet in everyday life. But perhaps you do not know that such processed food contains a lot of sodium. In addition, most soups and sauces are stored in containers in which a chemical called BPA is used.

This chemical also has a bad effect on health. Microwave foods are low in calories, but nutrients are also low in it, and sodium, refined carbohydrates are very high. Excess sodium can harm your health.

Refined carbohydrates are high

However, there has been much controversy over carbohydrates. Some people believe that most energy should be derived from carbohydrates. While some people say that it is necessary for health to be ignored.

 However, everyone is unanimous that carbohydrates are better than refined carbohydrates and that processed foods are loaded with carbohydrates, and they generally use refined carbohydrates.

Refined carbohydrates break down immediately after reaching the digestive tract, which increases blood sugar and insulin levels. Taking too much-refined carbohydrate increases the risk of serious diseases.

Nutritional deficiencies

Processed food has only nutritional in names. In some cases, synthetic vitamins and minerals are added to processed foods. This is done to replenish natural nutrients. While doing so is not very good in terms of health. You should also not forget that the vitamins and minerals in the natural diet are important for health.

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Overall, the main point regarding the harmful effects of junk food essay is that the more processed food you take, the more you will get away from vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which is not right for your health. Also, many serious diseases can also engulf you.

Fast food spoils your health and damages the body as well as the mind. To avoid this, stop eating fast food and consume nutritious substances. Include fruits and green vegetables in your diet.

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