Essay on Healthy Food - Everyone Must Read 1200+ Words

Essay on healthy food: Hello friends, today we are going to talk about Balanced diet food or healthy food. It is very important to have balance and harmony between everything in life. Only then this cycle of life will be able to run properly.

Essay on healthy food
Essay on healthy food 

In the blog, we are going to discuss an essay on healthy food. We provide 2 essays in which one essay contains 500 words and another essay on healthy food contains 700 words.

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  • Chat for diet
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Essay on healthy food 500 words

A healthy diet is one that helps to maintain or improve health. It helps us to save from chronic health risks like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

A balanced diet is a diet that helps provide essential nutrients to your body. These nutrients contain nutritious elements like protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

A healthy diet includes adequate intake of all nutrients and water. Nutrients can be obtained from many different foods, so there is a wide variety of diets that can be considered healthy foods. A healthy diet is very beneficial for our body.

Every person needs food to survive. Food gives us strength, but strength comes only when the diet eaten is balanced. A balanced diet means food that contains nutritious elements like protein, vitamins, fat, and carbohydrates in balanced amounts.

Underbalanced diet, man can eat grains, green vegetables, milk, yogurt, and fruits, etc. which are very nutritious. In the modern era, people are going away from nutritious food and are consuming more junk food.
Obesity in children is causing serious diseases like diabetes and heart disease due to not taking a balanced diet. A balanced diet is very important for a healthy life. You should make your eating routine in such a way that there must be some nutritious food at all three times.

We should focus on the nutritional value of eating more than taste. Everyone knows that children do not like simple food and they soon become bored with it. New methods should be devised to feed a balanced diet to children. Children love colorful food, so feed them a slice of carrot radish, whose different colors will attract them.

Make nutritious spinach, green vegetables, etc. and feed them with nutritious ingredients and taste. A balanced diet should be taken not only by the children but also the elders because, in today's run-of-the-mill life, energy and courage are very much needed.

 When there are sufficient nutritious elements inside the human being and it will be strong then only then it will be able to work well. We all have to include a balanced diet in our daily routine

Essay on healthy food 700 words

Healthy food gives us good health. It gives us energy where junk food is simply an unhealthy food, food with poor nutritional value; Junk food contains too much fat and sugar. But healthy food is rich in nutritional value.

In addition, junk food contains preservatives, chemicals, artificial colors, and flavors. But healthy foods do not include these substances. Although, both junk food and healthy food are tasty junk food is more delicious than healthy food.

However, junk food has affected the health of the body and causes dangerous diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and sometimes poison. On the other hand, healthy food protects and protects the body from diseases.

Food is an essential part of every human's life. Healthy foods that contain the right amount of nutrients should be eaten by everyone on a daily basis. A balanced diet is very important to grow in a healthy way. Fruits and vegetables contain many essential nutrients. We should eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables. A healthy life gives us a happy life.

In today's world, people eat more oily foods and junk food. But the truth is that these types of foods are not at all good for health and periodically spoil our routines by inciting unnecessary diseases.

Food is our source of energy. So choosing the right type of foods that contain the right amount of vitamins and minerals is very important. We should regularly give highly nutritious food to our children.

Drinking more water is equally as important as eating healthy food. Healthy food makes the brain and body healthy and strong. Healthy eating of fruits, vegetables makes you strong and active. It helps in maintaining good body weight and fighting diseases.

Preserved or canned food and other such foods are completely unhealthy for the body. Over time, it causes serious illness and serious illnesses. Health is the most important factor in everyone's life.

We should play every day. Walking 3 to 4 km daily can keep us fit and healthy. We have to do freehand exercises after every two hours of reading. It keeps our minds fresh. Lack of money can be cured but not healthy. It is better than wealth and there is something else for everyone.

We follow standard healthy food to keep us healthy. We should be careful about our health. We should not hang on to false studies to show our parents.

Food chart for healthy Body

  • Early morning - Avoid heavy eating in the early morning. Take a glass of milk cream-free, in addition, 3-4 almonds can also be eaten with milk.
  • Nine in the morning - it's time for breakfast; most people start their work at this time. Cereal sprouts can be taken with a plate mix or vegetable upma for breakfast. Green tea or a glass of juice with it will also be beneficial.
  • Lunch is noon - 12 noon. You can eat food at this time. Including two chapatis, peeled lentils one bowl, rice half bowl, green vegetable one bowl, yogurt one bowl, salad one plate will be beneficial for your health as well as contains plenty of nutrition which keeps the body healthy.
  • Between three or four o'clock - about three hours after lunch, light breakfast. For this, you can take a cup of tea, or two biscuits, any seasonal fruit (save, orange, raw jam, pomegranate, pear, etc.)
  • Dinner - Dinner - Dinner can be taken as lunch. Add lentils, two chapattis, light rice, a cup of curd, and a plated salad. Dinner should be served about three hours before bedtime, this causes the food to digest well and there is no stomach problem (constipation and acidity).
  • Before going to bed - about half an hour after dinner, take half a glass of fruit or milk, juice can also be taken. After making a diet chart follow it regularly, drink more water. Light-weight exercise and morning walks must be included in your routine.

Importance of a balanced diet

Eating a healthy balanced diet plays an important role in maintaining health. The most important of all is to get the right balance of vitamins and minerals. Some of these thiamine substances, such as legumes, nuts, and seeds, are essential for improving metabolism.

Ascorbic acid helps in maintaining iron absorption and immunity which is found in citrus fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, etc. Cobalamin (vitamin B12) creates new cells that are obtained by eating meat, chicken, fish, seafood, eggs, milk, and milk products. Vitamin A is found in sweet potatoes, carrots, green vegetables, etc.


Healthy food is a very important element for a healthy body and its importance for building muscles. I hope you get a lot of knowledge regarding good food if you like this article Essay on healthy food kindly share.

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