Traditional Food Of Rajasthan You Must Try

Rajasthan is not only famous for tourism but also for the taste and traditional food of Rajasthan will blow your mind.

The taste of Rajasthani food rises and speaks to every person. People of Rajasthan often eat spicy food and the sweets here are quite different, so people like the taste of it here.

We are going to tell you about the colorful traditional food of Rajasthan so that whenever you visit Rajasthan, you will definitely remember the food of Rajasthan.

traditional food of Rajasthan
Traditional food of Rajasthan

Rajputs used to be very fond of food and drink, rather than say that even today. And Rajasthan is considered a stronghold of Rajputs. From veg to non-veg, there is such a variety of food here that you cannot even guess.

Ghee, oil spices are used abundantly in the food here to enhance its flavor. At the same time, Bajra, Dal and Raab are very beneficial for taste as well as health. The most unique thing that is seen is that even though it is so spicy though foreigners love the traditional food of Rajasthan.

Top 10 Traditional Food Of Rajasthan You Must Try

Daal Baati Churma

This is the most famous traditional food of Rajasthan whose taste will not get you tasting better than this. Three different types of items are served together.

It contains masaledar dal, deep fry baati, and sweet churma. Bati made of flour is immersed in ghee after cooking, which serves to enhance its flavor. Pulses made from gram, tuvar, moong, urad are called Panchamel dal which is eaten with Baati.

Gatta Vegetable 

This easy to digest dish is also a famous Rajasthani dish. Gutta gram flour has small balls which are fried and spiced into spicy curry. It can be served with any bread and rice.

Laal mass

It is a very popular dish in non veg. Red chilies are used extensively for red color. It is cooked with lots of tomatoes, peppers, and spices. So definitely try it if you are non-vegetarian. Laal mass is non-veg food of Rajasthan.

Mawa Kachori

 Kachori and that too sweetYes, in addition to potatoes, lentils and onions in Rajasthan, there is another special kind of kachori, which once you eat, your heart will eat again and again.

That is mawa kachori. Which can be tasted anytime but not on any special festivals or festivals. In every street of Rajasthan, you can taste this kachori in a food and drink shop.

Chili vada

This is a variety of snacks. Which people here eat with great fervor. Potato stuffing takes place inside the big green chilies. Which is deep-fried. You can enjoy it with tea anytime from morning to evening.

Onion Kachori

People like to eat it in the morning breakfast. You will get to taste onion kachori and potato vegetablesraj in most of the streets here.

Bajre ka Raab 

One of the healthy and tasty dishes is Raab. Raab is excellent in warding off colds and colds. Prepared from millet, ghee, ginger, jaggery, it is rich in iron and magnesium.


You can taste the taste of a donut that looks like a donut, you will get to taste it in many places in North India, but the thing which is in the Balushahi of Rajasthan may not be found anywhere else. Be sure to pack and take it with you while eating sand dipped in sugar syrup.

Ker Sangri 

Ker is a wild berry with a sour-sweet taste and Sangri long bean found in Jaisalmer and Barmer. The climate here is favorable for the production of Sangri. This dish, made with oil and spices, is served with millet bread and buttermilk.

Bajra Roti and Garlic Chutney-

Bajra bread is made with millet flour; it is made with hands and baked on a slow flame. Bajari roti is served with garlic and onion chutney. This traditional food of Rajasthan people will be very pleasing to you.


Ghevars are made in winter, especially in Rajasthan. Many types of ghevar are liked by people like plane ghevar, mawa ghevar, malai ghevar etc.


If anyone can compete with Bengal's Rasgulla, it is Bikaner's Rasgulla. Bikaner's Rasgulla, Bhujiye, and Papad have carved a distinct identity all over the country. It is very popular not only in the country but also abroad because of its superior taste.

Rasgulla is considered as the traditional food of Rajasthan that is used to served after food which will provide the better tests.


I hope the articles on the traditional food of Rajasthan will really help people whenever they visit Rajasthan. if you like this article kindly share this and show us love and support.

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