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Bihar has its own distinct identity all over the world. The culture of the state and the language here has been unique in itself. In this post of Foodie Deewana, today we are going to tell you about the famous food of Bihar whose taste is making the world go crazy.

 These traditional dishes are the identity of Bihar, in which every Bihari is proud of Bihari food.we are dividing the famous food of Bihar categories according to our point of view hope you all like these articles.

Now take Bihar itself, Bihar's food will make your mouth full of water. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are preferred in Bihar.

Local famous food of Bihar like Sattu, Chuda-Dahi, and Litti Chokha are a weakness of the people here. So without delay, through your article, I tell you about the famous food of Bihar.

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Top 10 Famous Food Of Bihar

1. Litti Chokha (Litti Chokha)

famous food of bihar

Litti chokha is a part of Bihari cuisine, it is a traditional food eaten in Bihar. You can eat it during lunch, dinner or holiday. Litti is loaded with sattu (roasted gram flour) and some special spices and is served with brinjal chokha or it is considered best famous food of Bihar.

Let's talk about Litti chokha recipe we need flour and some amount of water and add salt according to taste and little amount oil and it's ready for stuffing and then you are ready to taste.

2. Malpua 

famous food of bihar

If you go to visit Bihar anytime in the future, you must eat Malpua. It is a dish made in North India. It is very tasty and the way to make them is very easy. Malpua is also eaten with rabri and kheer and is also called kheerpua.

Malpua is prepared from a combination of flour, flour, milk, banana, grated coconut, cashews, raisins, sugar, water, and green cardamom in ghee.

3. Dalpuri 

The first name that comes to mind in the context of the traditional famous food of Bihar is Dalpuri. It is basically a type of bread made of wheat flour. In this, boiled lentils are filled and fried in oil.

4. Makhana Kheer

famous food of bihar

If you go to Bihar and have not tasted Makhana, what have you done? It is a famous response to Darbhanga region of North Bihar. It is a sweet dish made with milk, sugar, and makhana.

5. Khaja Silao

famous food of bihar

Silao village, located about 15 km from Biharsarif and 8 km from Rajgir, is known for its ancient tradition of Khaja making. Chandshahi, Gol, Palvidar, and Gandhi Topa - A dessert prepared with maida (wheat flour), sugar and ghee, it is available in many varieties. The rectangular-shaped Khaja is most popular among the people.

6. Balushahi 

famous food of bihar

Runi-Saidpur village lies on the Muzaffarpur-Sitamarhi road, which is famous for sand-shahi. Balushahi is cooked with ghee, which includes a special curing combination of maida (wheat flour) and sugar.

7. Perukia

famous food of bihar

Chhapra in Bihar is famous for Perukia. It is like a cake. It is prepared with a mixture of sugar, khoya / semolina, maida, water, and ghee.

8. Thekua / Khajuria

famous food of bihar

Shakarpara and Thekua are famous food of Bihar which are maida (wheat flour) and sugars made from sugar. They are prepared only on special occasions, by combining maida and sugar in ghee.

9. Ladoo

famous food of bihar

The talk is about Bihari cuisine, how we can forget Manner ka Laddu. Laddu has been named a sweet ball. It is made using ingredients like gram flour, sugar, and ghee. Though you will find laddoos in every sweet shop of Bihar, people like laddoos made by Maner. Maner is 30 km west of Patna.

10. Parwal's Sweet

famous food of bihar

Parwal's Sweet is as easy to prepare. This dish will not only make your family celebrations spectacular but will also be special for the guests coming home.


Bihar is famous not only for its history but also for its recipes. Bihari food from the country to abroad is popular.

I hope you all like these articles on the famous food of Bihar. please don't forget to share these articles so that everybody know about the real Bihari food.

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